Starting with small quantities. (same design, same printcolor)

Ideal for simple motifs: writing and logos in small quantities.

The motif is cut with a plotter, and then pressed, under high pressure and high heat, onto the desired textile.

The print is highly wash-resistant and the colours retain their high coverage.
Flex has a smooth surface (see next picture - white surface) and is washable upto 60°C.

Flex and Flock can also be combined.

Data preperation

This print technique is suitable for vector graphics (produced in Illustrator, Freehand or Coreldraw) and not for complex motifs (many colours, colour gradients and small grids).

Please note:

1. It's not possible to import pictures or photos.
2. Lines need to be at least 1-2mm thick.
3. All texts need to be converted to outlines.
4. Overlapping objects need to be merged, so the outline becomes clearly visible.
Tip: Always check your vector graphics in the production programm for overlapping lines!

Tutorial basics 2D graphic (external link)

Print colours

As the print motif is cut from a foil, there are only limited colours (i.e. those in which the foils come)

Flex foil overview

Pro's and Con's at a glance:

+ High covering print with long durability
+ washable
+ no set-up costs
+ quick delivery time
+ small quantities

no colour gradients possible
- a maximum of three colours possible