Embroidery & Woven

From 25 pieces.

Embroidery is one of classiest forms of textile processing. For many textiles (Caps, Hats, Towels, Wristbands....) embroidery is the only clean and classy way in which the motif can be applied.

Data preparation

For embroidery, a so-called embroidery-programm needs to be produced, which stores the colour of the twines, the embroidery density, as well as the stitch form for each textile.

As a template for this programm,a vector graphic is required. Such a programm can also be created using normal picture files or sketches, however, this will cost extra.

Pro’s and Con’s at a glance:

+ Suitable for almost all textiles (Wool, Fleece, etc.)
+ Washable, high durability

There are set-up costs
- No pictures or colour gradients are possible